I Know My Rights!

Thursday, August 21st, 6:30am, central

We talk about rights as if there was a standard in the way we define the term.  I’d like to respond on the program to a comment made by Thom Hartman, RT TV, when he said that the internet has become so integrated in our lives it is becoming a “right”.  I heard this before regarding natural resources, et al.  Let’s get a handle on the subject of “rights” to determine if Thom has a point.  Listen in and call in now also toll-free 888-773-4496.  
To listen, go to LibertyTalkRadio.com, or to BlogTalkRadio.com/Liberty Talk Radio.  If you call, you may either just listen, or dial “1” to make your view known.  Look forward to hearing from you.
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