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Recommended Reading

battlefield america book coverIn Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the follow-up to his award-winning book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead paints a terrifying portrait of a nation at war with itself and which is on the verge of undermining the basic freedoms guaranteed to the citizenry in the Constitution. Indeed, police have been transformed into extensions of the military, towns and cities have become battlefields, and the American people have been turned into enemy combatants, to be spied on, tracked, scanned, frisked, searched, subjected to all manner of intrusions, intimidated, invaded, raided, manhandled, censored, silenced, shot at, locked up, and denied due process. Get the Book Here


Get your autographed copy of Counteract–and be among the first to read Resist, the second volume in the series!  

3D ResistPurchase the paperback of Counteract and receive an ebook copy of Resist, the new sequel–both for only $17.90! This offer is valid only at TxAuthors.com. All you have to do is go to http://TxAuthors.com and enter Liberty Talk in the search box. Click on the Counteract cover to confirm, then select which version of the ebook for Resist you would like, Kindle or ePub. Once paid for, you’ll receive your autographed copy of Counteract within 2-3 days, and then you’ll receive the Resist eBook as soon as it’s released in August. This special deal ends soon, so don’t miss out!

ElainaGeorgeDr. George outlines her case for the problem with growing government involvement in our healthcare system and offers solutions as to what can be done to restore the traditional doctor/patient relationship.

Check out her new book “Big Medicine: The Cost of Corporate Control and How Doctors and Patients Working Together Can Rebuild a Better System”. You can order a copy of her book at: http://drelainageorge.com/product/big-medicine



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