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Jacob Hornberger Discusses the Regressive Nature of Tariffs

We are pleased that Future of Freedom Foundation President, Jacob Hornberger is returning to our show to clarify the reprecussions of enacting tariffs to save American industry and thus benefiting the American consumer.  Unfortunately, tariffs are harmful and tariffs being initialted by President Trump are no exception.  Let’s listen and learn by America’s most educated freedom fighters, Jacob Hornberger. President of the Future of Freedom Foundation.


Economic Consequences of Tariffs with Economist Andy Sutton

We are pleased that Economist Andy Sutton will be with us to explain the consequences of the tariff tug of war initiated by President Trump.  Party loyalist believe that these actions will be good for America, but the reality may be much different.  Remember history.  The Great Depression was not precipitated by the stock market crash, but it was a partial catalyst for initialing the imposition of tariffs.  The tariffs then cascaded into the Great Depression.  You don’t want to miss this posdcast and please call in with your questions, or comments.


America No More

Today’s main stream media news is all about what America stands for.  Their perverted thinking justifies the confiscation of wealht from it’s citizens, militarilly attempting the world’s economic system for gains by a scnat few in power, the redistribution of wealth, restriction of inaleingable rights, and so on.  For some reason this does not compliment the freedom, rights, and liberty that every American is entitled to.  Are we now entering a period of the slow dealth of our country?  Quite frankly, I don’t see any other outcome.  Join me and call in with your worldview.

The First (and Most Important) Amendment

Our guest is no stranger to fighting unconstitutional actions by organizations including our government.  Paul would like to discuss in detail the first and most impotant First Amendment of our Constitution. Paul Jacob is the President of Citizens In Charge, a non-partisen group working to protect and expand initiative rights.  In addition to his many activities fortering individual liberty, Paul hosts Common Sense, an online and print opinion commentary which reaches tens of thousands of online readers and email subscribers. His writing have been freatured in USA today as well as most major news publications.


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