About Joe

Joe Cristiano

The Host – Joe Cristiano

Joe feels passionately about our country and believes we have strayed too

far from our founding fathers vision of America. He was Oklahoma’s

Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress First Congressional District of

Oklahoma in the 2000 General Election.


Joe subscribes to following organizations:

– Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF)

– Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

– Americans United for Separation of Church & State (AU)

– Cato Institute

– Oklahoma Council on Public Affairs


The Station – Liberty Talk Radio

Liberty Talk Radio was created as an antidote to popular talk radio. These stations

typically represent the ideology of a particular political party without admission. Events

are depicted without a Constitutional perspective. Nothing is learned because the listener

is not required to think, just listen, absorb, and choose sides.


Positions taken on Liberty Talk Radio are derived from a historical perspective. What is

said is not always palatable, but good food for thought. Philosophically, the talk is pure

libertarian, which accepts the premise that this country was founded on the principles of

individual rights coupled with individual responsibility without relying on government


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