Economist Andy Sutton Discusses The Inconsistency of U. S. Foreign Policy

Can anyone define American foreign policy?  I don’t think so.  Surely, those in Washington violate every tenet of our Constitution sd we well as common decency and respect for the rights of others.  Even friendly countries are losing patience with our inconsistence while dealing with friendly as well as not so friendly nations.  This will not end well as it never has.  We have lost our moral fiber, ethical behavior, and allegency to our own constitution.  Let’s hear what Andy Sutton has to add to this dialogue.  Listen in and call in with your questions, or comments.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Current Government Policy Decisions with Guest Andy Sutton

During this show I will be discussing current events based on the last steps taken by government to protect us from harm both internally as well as externally. We all know what the end results will be like, however, there are alternatives.


Critical thinking in our government decisions


We are pleased that Economist Andy Sutton has agreed to return to our show to exercise some critical thinking in our government decisions. Of course, those who believe that President Trump is making America great again may not be persuaded to believe that all his programs will not result in a better and more free America. I have a feeling that the opposite may be closer to the truth.

Let’s hear what an expert in the affairs of government policy has to say. Listen in and call in with your questions, or comments, 646-652-4620. Look forward to hearing from you.

Bart Frazier, VP Future of Freedom Foundation Speaks Out

Thursday, September 28th @ 2:00 P.M. Central

We are pleased that Mr. Bart Frazier, Vice President of the Future of Freedom Foundation has agreed to be on our show to educate us on government programs that give us the warm and fuzzy, but are in fact destructive to society as a whole. Sounds counter intuitive, but unfortunately true. Join us be calling in with your questions, or comments 646-652-4620. Look forwardt to hearing from you.

Trade and Foreign Policy under the Trump Administration

Thursday, September 21st @ 2:00 P.M. Central

Harvard-trained economist Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff has been recently selected into the ranks of the top 25 economists in the world. On today’s show Dr. Kotlikoff will share with us his view of foreign policy and trade under the Trump administration. I suspect that it is not what we want to hear, but what we must hear to understand the dire condition this country is actually in. Today, we learned that we experienced the largest trade deficit in years. Watch out folk’s, it ain’t going to be pretty. Call in with your questions, or comments, during our live broadcast 646-652-4620. Look forward to hearing from you.


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